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On February 7th, 2005, the original concept of Iron Tree Interactive was born from ten years of hard labor - working in the trenches of the creative industries - music performance, touring, freelance journalism, and studio session playing.

On the drawing board, Iron Tree Interactive was to ultimately become the combination of two existing companies - Red Cave Media, the publicity, artist development, and content creation side, and Uncle Brown's Sound Recording, the audio, sound design, and music production facility - who were individually doing great work and helping talented people.

Red Cave Media and Uncle Brown's Sound were actively working on individual and collaborative projects since January 2007. On August 15th, 2015, because of the need for expansion, they opened an office, development studio, and recording facility in the historic Rose District on Main Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Within the first two years of operation, the Main Street facility contributed to numerous production projects for some unique and gifted young local artists, created radio advertising for upcoming entrepreneurs and their growing companies, and directed assorted audio recording sessions and sound design initiatives for a veteran voice personality and a world-renowned behavioral research facility in Tulsa. 

Uncle Brown's Sound (then under Red Cave Media) was featured in a full-page article in the Tulsa World on February 25th, 2016 titled "Recording Studio Turns Dream Into Reality". That same week, the studio was featured in a segment on the weekend television program "Explore Tulsa" which proved that our efforts, passion for independent artists, and love for the work were being noticed. 

On May 1st, 2017, it was decided to close the Uncle Brown's Sound facility, put a temporary hold on all audio and music production, and begin to focus on the strengths of Red Cave Media, the wider range of clientele, and its larger, ongoing development projects.

Conversations returned repeatedly to the original concept of Iron Tree Interactive and over the next two years, a constant retooling of ideas and realignment of direction began to draw a clear plan on how to move forward with one company, one strength, and one goal.


On March 15th, 2020, fifteen years after this rough sketch of a collaborative idea was started, the building of Iron Tree Interactive began in a small house in the heart of Tulsa - in the embrace of a new environment, in the storm of a creative spirit, and from the determination and passion of a true entrepreneurial soul.  


Iron Tree Interactive has been built upon a strong foundation of past experience and knowledge. We have worked inside and supported the function, form, and maturity of the creative industries.

Simply, these experiences have led us through every situation and challenge that a young artist or growing organization could imagine. Performing, touring, producing, engineering, scouting, writing, and developing for technology in a very competitive and unforgiving combination of industries is guaranteed to provide some very useful skills over time.


The combined knowledge and experience make Iron Tree Interactive the perfect support team for any artist, band, or organization in need of direction, promotion, or career management in an ocean of uncertainty. 


Let us use what we have learned in 30 years to help you - not change you.





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